An Adventure on Top of Tampa

Oh this one was an adventure... between the rustic hotel, the ladder to the roof and the sunset overlooking downtown Tampa. This is a shoot I wont forget for a long time. The Floridian cemented itself as possibly my favorite location I have ever photographed.

We began in the bar downstairs before opening time. It was such an incredible location for photos. It was VIBES.

Dark wood paneling in the elevator meant the bounce flash needed some extra OOMPH. Happy accident as it turned out!

After a climb to the roof, we had the most beautiful light while overlooking the city. I hope now you see why this is one of my favorite shoots ever!

Guard rails, Shmarld rails, ya feel?

This is the shot.... this made the rickety ladder soooo worth it

One of the floors was under constructions so we had a an entire floor as a personal photography studio.

Bling bling

Not only am I incredibly excited about how these photos came out, I am even more excited about the fact that I am photographing this incredible couple's wedding in 2025! (Just wait till you see that blog post)

My faves from the day