let's get to know each other!

Hey there! I'm Hunter O'Brien, a wedding, elopement, proposal and couple's photographer who's passionate about capturing beautiful moments and the art of photography.

In each session, my aim is to create an atmosphere where the couples I'm fortunate to photograph not only see a skilled professional behind the camera but also feel the warmth of a friend and someone who understands the significance of their love story.

So scroll down and feel free to stay a while!

Yeas and Nays

Yeas (Yay!)

  • Cats! (I am destined to be a "crazy cat lady" when I'm old)
  • Running/Hiking
  • Cooking
  • BEANS (this isn't a joke)
  • Photography (duh)
  • When you pull a sticker off of something and the whole thing comes off and doesn't leave any of the yucky residue
  • Audiobooks/Reading

Nays :(

  • Daylight Savings time
  • Pineapple on Pizza (but my wife loves it so I will let you slide)
  • The sound that squeegees make
  • When you pull a sticker off of something and the whole thing doesn't come off and leaves yucky residue
  • People who have too many "Nays"

My Photography Timeline (and other inspirations)

1958: My dad

There's one person responsible for my love of photography and that's my dad. There were always cameras in the house while I was growing up and he always indulged my wanting to play around with them.

Christmas 2005: My first camera

While I got my first camera for Christmas '05, it was not until Spring that I truly fell head over heels in love with photography. Some Cardinals had nested in a tree right outside our house and I spent HOURS sitting by that window to get a picture of the mother Cardinal feeding her young. Looking back.... not a great photo.... but my favorite memory from photography.


This one doesn't have a whole lot to do with photography, I just really like this day

2005 - 2020: My Landscape phase

Before I knew how much I liked photographing people, I photographed A LOT of landscapes. To this day I still love photographing landscapes, but I think taking photos of people is when I am happiest.

2021 - Forever?: My favorite phase

I've learned something really important about life from photography. Sometimes, your favorite photos aren't the ones where you look your best. Sometimes, it's the ones where your clothes are wrinkled, your hair's a mess and maybe that flaw that's bothered you for as long as you can remember is on full display..... and yet... The feeling you get when you look at that photo transcends any idea of perfect or imperfect and you are left only with the happiness of that moment.